Monday, January 23, 2017

Benedict Cumberbatch Portrayed American Greatest Inventor Thomas Alva Edison in "The Current War"

The former Doctor Strange is sparkling to Thomas Alva Edison in "The Current War", an upcoming American biographical historical film directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon ("Eat, Pray, love"). Benedict Cumberbatch is channeling electricity of a different sort. It also stars Michael Shannon as George Westinghouse along with Katherine Waterson ("Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them")

"The Current War" details the rivalry between Edison and Westinghouse and the race to create a marketable and sustainable electricity system for American people. Edison championed the use of a direct current for electric power distribution over an alternating current, which was backed  by Westinghouse Electric and a host of European companies. 

Set in the late 1880s, the first production took place in London and surrounding areas. It's begun on December 18, last year. On January 23, 2017, The Weinstein Company has released the first look image of Academy Award nominee Benedict Cumberbatch as Thomas Alva Edison. 

This first look image comes courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

In addition to Cumberbatch, Shannon and Waterston, the film stars Tom Holland ("Spider-Man: Homecoming"), Matthew Macfadyen ("Anna Karenina"), Tuppence Middleton ("The Imitation Game") and Nicholas Hoult (X-Men Apocalypse"). An official release date for "The Current War" hasn't been announced yet, but we just got wind of the first teaser image. 

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